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    • Online university offers refugees chance to study for free October 13, 2015
      BY ASTRID ZWEYNERT, Reuters Kiron University, named after the centaur Chiron, known in Greek mythology for nurturing others in times of need, was founded last year by a group of students in Berlin. “A lack of resources, legal documents and language skills all combine to make it very hard for refugees to get back into education,” [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Options for online learning abound October 13, 2015
      By Heather Betancourth, Houston Chronicle Colleges across Texas have made it easier to attend class online than ever before. Not only is online learning flexible and convenient, but students actually are preferring it. San Jacinto College started a basic online learning program in 1998. During that time when the Internet was starting to emerge as a [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Myths and truths about online learning October 13, 2015
      by Justine Thomas, Observer-Reporter There are many myths about online training, and even more people who believe in them. Even so, it is a great pleasure to see that the number of students who prefer online education is growing. People aspire to get knowledge despite any myths and misleading ideas. This article contains most common myths [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • U Idaho senior experiences college on campus and across the world October 12, 2015
      By: Erin Bamer, the Argonaut Like some people know they want to be a police officer or an astronaut, University of Idaho Senior Edwin Latrell has known he was going to serve in the military since before he can remember. “I have known since I was little that I would do the military,” Latrell said. “There [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • The Learning Paradigm in Online Courses October 12, 2015
      by Rob Kelly, Faculty Focus In their 1995 Change magazine article, “From Teaching to Learning—a New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education,” Robert B. Barr and John Tagg described the Learning Paradigm, which emphasizes learning over teaching and student discovery and construction of knowledge over transfer of knowledge from instructor to student. They wrote: […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Online college: is it for you? October 12, 2015
      by Seth Stutman, Mass Appeal Why are college students taking courses online? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? College planning expert, Paul Hemphill told us more. “Taking courses online means taking a college course by sitting in front of your computer instead of sitting in a classroom. And the advantages of going online [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • 12 Best Online Courses for Starting a Business October 11, 2015
      By Ryan Robinson, Entrepreneurs Starting a business is no easy feat. Especially if you’re trying to pull it off while you hold onto your day job. From learning how to prioritize your efforts (and limited resources) on what matters most at the beginning, to becoming a stand-out marketer, and building the skills that’ll help your business [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • E-learning Becomes An Essential In India! October 11, 2015
      by Business World India The digital wave in the country has transformed the entire education ecosystem, making it more tech-oriented and student-friendly. As technology seeped into every aspect of life, it was only a matter of time for it to penetrate one of the most important facets of one’s existence i.e. education. Online learning presents various [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Interactive videos used to explore complexities of conservation in online course October 11, 2015
      by Liam Jackson, Penn State A general education course at Penn State has been revamped to include interactive videos designed to teach students about conservation and sustainability. The course, Global Parks and Sustainability (GEOG 001), will be taught online in spring 2016 by Erica Smithwick, associate professor of geography in Penn State’s College of Eart […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Can Online Education Help Refugees Earn Degrees? October 10, 2015
      by Ellen Wexler, Chronicle of Higher Ed When refugees want to enter higher education, they often lack the paperwork. But in the past few months, some online universities have been reaching out to those students, telling refugees that they don’t have to provide comprehensive records to enroll and offering free tuition. The University of the People, [...]
      Ray Schroeder
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