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    • Adapting courses for the digital era: the professors’ perspective September 1, 2015
      By CAROLINE SIMON, the Daily Pennsylvanian For the thousands of students from 195 countries who enroll in one of Penn’s online courses, the benefit of free, accessible education is obvious. But the professors who spend hours planning lessons, recording lectures and moderating online forums benefit from the surge in online learning as well. Fifty-seven facult […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Can MOOCs Become Part of Best Practices in Online Learning? September 1, 2015
      By Yoram Neumann, University Business Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have captured the headlines in higher education in the past year. These new platforms were developed to enable both open access and large scale participation in online courses. Many top tier universities are joining the MOOCs bandwagon, afraid of missing an important piece of the Web-b […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • E-Advisement: Technology-Supported Advising Services September 1, 2015
      by Jimmy Solis, EDUCAUSE Review Applying technology to the process of general academic advisement yields the more flexible, mobile approach called e-advisement, as explained in this case study. E-advisement integrates videoconferencing hardware (a webcam) and contemporary software with IM and uses online instructional tools in an advising capacity to improve […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Admissions officers seeing more MOOC credentials on applications August 31, 2015
      By Tara García Mathewson, Education Dive Prospective students are touting massive open online course enrollment and completion on college applications, often in hopes of differentiating themselves from their competitors. The New York Times reports that college admissions officers are viewing these classes on applications as similar to extracurriculars that t […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • USF course to pilot open-access e-textbook August 31, 2015
      By Russell Nay, the Oracle The day when students are no longer required to pay hundreds of dollars each semester for textbooks and course materials may finally be on the horizon. During his recent fall address to faculty, USF Provost Ralph Wilcox announced that the students enrolled in professor Jennifer Schneider’s Literature in Childhood Education course [ […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Online education for seniors done right August 31, 2015
      by Jean Chatzky, Bankrate.com Research shows that learning something new is one of the best ways to keep your mind healthy. No wonder people over 50 seem to naturally gravitate to the vast world of online learning for everything from pursuing a passion to retooling for a new career. One in 10 students who take online [...]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Gaining the Competitive Advantage without the Price Tag with an Online MBA August 30, 2015
      by Ashley Wren Collins, Huffington Post In CBS’s “What’s an Online MBA Worth?” Peter Shea, former head of the online education system for the State University of New York, said, “There is a growing body of evidence that suggest that the quality of online learning outcomes…is actually better than that of face-to-face instruction.” Be sure to [...] […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Study identifies new cheating method in MOOCs August 30, 2015
      by Harvard Gazette While the proliferation of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has expanded learning opportunities for individuals around the world, the digital classroom is also subject to many of the same issues as the traditional one — such as cheating. In a new working paper, researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technol […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Coursera Pivots to Focus on Job Training August 30, 2015
      By AINSLEY O’CONNELL, Fast Company Back in 2012, we welcomed the dawn of the massive open online course (MOOC) and its promise to democratize learning with open arms. Stories like that of Christos Porios, a 16-year-old living in Alexandroupoli, Greece, who discovered a Stanford computer science class on online platform Coursera and soon mastered machine lear […]
      Ray Schroeder
    • Campuses transition to the ‘Internet of Things’ August 29, 2015
      By Travis Seekins, University Business Human-to human communications have been the bedrock of our lives. More recently, machine-to-machine streaming has become a dominant and often disruptive dance partner in the communication landscape. And now we are glimpsing a world where human-to-machine links culminate in one seamlessly orchestrated waltz. Imagine smar […]
      Ray Schroeder
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